Working with me can be an awful experience. But don't take my word for it! See what my unhappy clients have to say.


Never again

"Alberto did a sh*t job. He didn't help us reach any of our goals and communication with him was terrible. Please DO NOT work with him!"


Sarah - one of many unhappy clients

Simply Awful

"Thanks to Alberto I went back to appreciate the job our old sh*tty marketing agency was doing. That's the only thing I can thank him for."


Liam - who wishes he never met me


Hold on... let me explain

Most testimonial pages look the same. And they fail at doing the one thing they are there for: establishing trust.

Putting there a bunch of quotes or generic case studies just doesn't cut it.

Let's try this: below are some actual quotes from people I've worked with. Do you have a different perception of me based on those?

"Alberto is an incredibly skilled digital marketer"

Carlo Belloni

Head of SEO


 "Laser-focused on exploiting opportunities"

Shifa Rahaman

Content Marketing Manager


"He spares no effort to share his rich knowledge"

Faye Chuah

Regional Solutions Partner


Let me guess... probably not.

That's why I'm creating a space where I share my thoughts on different growth and marketing topics, talk about what I've learned from projects I've worked on, and help out companies or other marketers facing those challenges.

I'm just getting started, but that's how I'm hoping to help you understand if I'm the person you should talk to.

Stay tuned!