I help B2B SaaS companies accelerate their growth with 3 different levels of service (advising, consulting and fractional) always on a no-committment, pay-as-you-basis. On top of that, I also offer project-based and on-demand support whenever that best fits a company's needs.

Some of the companies I have worked with

companies i worked with
companies i worked with
companies i worked with

These are my main focus areas.

Demand Generation

Building pipeline requires understanding what channels to focus on, and how. I can support you exploring what works and managing campaigns, whether you're experiencing PLG traction or a marketing or sales driven model.

Organic Search

SEO is my bread and butter. Well... bread and olive oil in my case. I helped companies grow revenue by aggressively scaling SEO, both in-house and as a consultant, and even scaled my own website to close to 300k users.

Product marketing

Defining your ICP, positioning and messaging is not easy. And once defined they often they go unchallenged for a long time. I can help you with the strategy but also with turning it into action, whether it's website copy, product launches, sales material and more.

Content marketing

Whether it's organic social, events, video or anything else, your content strategy should achieve one of three goals: create, capture or convert demand. I particularly love working with content, but most of all I love showing the impact it has on revenue.

Go-to-market strategy

Sometimes what you need is an advisor that can follow you in your growth journey, even without a specific channel you need help with. With 10 years of experience managing teams and as an individual contributor, I can provide top-level guidance as well as more hands-on support.

What working with me looks like